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Grönlandsresor AB
Rastaholms Allé 27
178 90 Ekerö

tel 08-556 269 70

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Air Zafari

Complete your stay in Greenland with a sight seeing from above! With small twin-engine plane we do tours in Kangerlussuaq, Ilulissat and Kulusuk. These aircraft have overhead wings so they do not prevent the view and they take only 5 passengers.

The aircrafts are of the type Partenavia P68 and are 10 feet long and 12 feet in wingspan. Maximum passenger weight is a total for 5 passengers 379 kg and therefore we need to get your weight at booking.

To the right you will see the excursions offered. Below are some pictures from tours from Kangerlussuaq.


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All tours have musk-ox guarranty!

The inland icecap & musk oxes
30 min
A spectacular sightseeing to the Ice Cap and glaciers. Flora and reindeers plus other wildlife are often spotted.
Price: 130 €

Plus Tour
50 min
The same as bove plus that we alslo fly over Navigators Rck and Dessert Valley.
Price: 225 €

Paradise Valley & Ice Cap Tour
75 min
Discover a spectacular sightseeing deep into the Paradise Valley, variuos wildlife were we often spot reindeers, the magnificant Inland Ice Cap, Dessert Valey and more...
Price: 365 €


Fotosightseeing over the icefjord
35 min
Slowly we'll fly over the gigantic icebergs in Ilulissat's fameous icefjord
Price 250 €

Ilulissat glacier
60 min
We explore the edge of the glacier that produces most icebergs in the world. With an impressive edge of over 200 meters above the water surface icebergs calves and then flows out through the Ilulissat ice fjord. We fly over this mighty landscape of huge icebergs.
Price: 385 €

Disko whale safari
75 min
We fly past the icebergs at the mouth of the Ilulissat ice fjord and over the Disko Bay to Disco Island. We fly along the dramatic Disko island's volcanic coastline. During the flight we scout for the ocean's giants - the whales!
Price: 525 €

Master Explorer
95 min
On this tour we fly to the calving glacier at Eqi, explore the inland ice cap, tundra landscape, the spectacular Ilulissat glacier and icefjord with the gigantic icebergs, and more...
Price: 670 €


25 min
Tasiilaq from above with majestic mountains and icebergs
Price: 158 €

The Ice fjord
35 min
Tasiilaq town and mountains, the famous the Sermelik icefjord with its spectacular flow of icebergs
Price: 206 €

Global warming glacier tour
60 min
Tasiilaq, Ikateq WW2 airbase, Knud Rasmussen glacier, Sermiligaaq settlement
Price: 305 €

The Inland Icecap Glacier tour
60 min
Tasiilaq area, settlement, inland icecap, the three glaciers
Price: 305 €