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Grönlandsresor AB
Rastaholms Allé 27
178 90 Ekerö

tel 08-556 269 70

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 Eqi at the calving glacier


The picture is taken above a waterfall with the calving glacier in the background.
Photo: Mikael Grönvik, Grönlandsresor AB

Eqi is located 80km north of Ilulissat. The glacier at Eqi is named  Eqip Sermia. The glacier has a 5 kilometer wide, 80-90 m high edge where large chunks of ice falls down into the sea. To be on a boat infront of Eqip Sermia gives you a good opportunity to see the calving in close.

Ice Camp Eqi is perched on hillside near the mountains and the ice cap, with a view of the calving glacier. To get up to the ice cap takes only a few hours from Camp Eqi. There are many, different good and nice tours to do in the area.

Port Victor located at Eqi was in the 1940s, a French research station, from where you went with bad wagons up to the inland ice cap. It is possible even today after all years to see the abandoned objects from that time.

You can make a day trip by boat the 80 kilometers to Eqi where the boat stops in front of the glacier wall where you eat your lunch while you look at the glacier calves down the ice into the sea. On the day trip you do not go ashore. One can choose to stay for one or more days in the beautiful cottages in Camp Eqi and here you have a great variety of guided tours in the area.

If you plan to stay over we recommend that you will pack your luggage in a handy backpack because you will need to carry your luggage 400 meters up the slopes to the cabins.

Day tour from Ilulissat

Price: 315 €

Length: ca 6 - 12 tim Season: 20 June - 1 September Level: easy
Min / max participants: 8/-


We sail in modern and convenient boats at the excursion to Eqi. The route goes north along the coast passing Bredebugt, the settlement of Oqaatsut and the big fiord system called Pakitsoq, where whales and seals often are seen. Further on through the Ataa Strait, which is surrounded by steep mountains with bird life and waterfalls. Our ice secured boats lie approximately 2 hours in front of the glacier and wait for the ice to calve, while a delicious lunch is served. We smell the oxygen that is released into from the very old compressed ice, we hear the cracking and thunder the glacier is produced while it forces it way down into the sea. The oxygen rich water attracts a lot lives in the water and as a consequence we also see thousands of sea birds in the area. of An all-day excursion, where you will have a good opportunity to be immersed in the experience and the boat trip in the ice filled water.

Please notice:
The length of the boat trip to and from the glacier can last between 2 - 5 hours each way. It depends on the boat used the given day. The stop in front of the glacier lasts approximately 2 hours.

After lunch we will, at Port Victor, drop off the guests that will spend the night in the huts. We will then take the same road back to Ilulissat as we came, but it will be other icebergs and whales we will meet. Late afternoon / early evening will we back in Ilulissat.

All cabins have a great view over the glacier and the bay, a small porch and private toilet. One standard cabin have two apartments but the rest only one. The comfort cabins have WC and sun heated water for shower and heating.

Standard cabin


Description: Cabin with private dry toilet, sink with hot water in thermos.

Standard cabin 1 night, incl boat trip (per person)

520 €

Standard cabin 2 nights, incl boat trip (per person)

720 €

Standard cabin single supplement:

On request

Comfort cabin


Description: Cabin with private watercloset, sun heated warm water, shower and heating.

Comfort cabin 1 night, incl boat trip (per person)

595 €

Comfort cabin 2 nights, incl boat trip (per person)

870 €

 Comfort cabin single supplement:

On request

Hike to the delta

Price: 48 €

Length: 4 hours Season: 1 July - 15 August Level: A little bit demanding

Description: We hike from the cabins to the lagoon and around it. During breeding season ther is a lot of birds in this area. We continue to the morain edge that are made from the glacier moving forward. Now it is retreating and make it visible for us. From here we have a great view over the glacier and can see all the cracks not far from us. We look over the 80 meter high glacier wall and if we are lucky we might see some calvings from a close range.

Daytour to the ice cap

Price: 170 €

Length: 8 h Season: 1 July - 15 August Level: demanding

Description: We start our excursion after breakfast. We walk in the band wagon trails of Paul-Emils expedition that still are visible after so many years. It leran us how fragile the nature are here. On our way we see more traces of the expeditions. The trail leads us through a variating landscape up to the inland ice cap. In the last valley before the ice we will make a rest and eat our lunch package. After lunch we will get to a plca where it is safe and easy to get up on the ice cap. We walk about 3 km on the ice and see all the phenomena that are formed like wells, rivers, cracks and different ice formations.

We will arrive back to the cabins later during the day.

2 days hike to and on the Inland Ice Cap with 1 night in tent and 1 night in standard cabin including boat trip

Price: 750 € 

2 days hike to and on the Inland Ice Cap with 1 night in tent and 1 night in Comfort cabin including boat trip

Price: 825 € 

Length: 2,5 days Season: 1 July - 15 August Level: demanding

Description: It is said that Greenland is the country of contrasts. The biggest contrast is to be found in the landscape, where the Inland Ice meets the bedrock. There are really good opportunities to experience all this hiking from Glacier Lodge Eqi. The treks start at Glacier Lodge Eqi, and from there we follow the footsteps of Paul-Èmile Victor all the way to the Inland Ice.

The Ice Sheet is like entering another world, with turquoise melt-water eating its way through the ice and ending up in lakes and deep wells.

Our guides are specially trained for these excursions, and they carry safety equipment such as satellite phones, GPS, avalanche sticks, safety ropes and first aid equipment.

When the level of difficulty for these excursions are demanding, it is not because they require special training to walk on ice or climbing. The treks are not technically hard, but they are long and if you have to scale 400 meters of altitude, you have to be in good shape.

In the morning the day start with breakfast at Café Victor. At 8 am the hike starts to and on the Ice Sheet. A lunch is served on the way. After having left your back pack at Base Camp Eqi, you continue onwards to the ice sheet, to experience this unique world of ice.

After returning to Base Camp Eqi, dinner is served before everybody is ready to hit the sleeping bag in the tents.

Next morning after breakfast , you start the walk back to Glacier Lodge Eqi, so that you are back in time to catch the boat at 2 pm.

Foto: Mikael Grönvik, Grönlandsresor ABFoto: Mikael Grönvik, Grönlandsresor AB