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Grönlandsresor AB
Rastaholms Allé 27
178 90 Ekerö

tel 08-556 269 70

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Kayaking among whales and icebergs in Greenland, 8 days (4230)

Aasiaat is located at the mouth of the Disko Bay on the west coats of Greenland just above the Arctic Circle. Although we have no guarantee that we will catch sight of whales so are the conditions for that just perfect. Most common are mink whales and humpback whales but also the Greenlandic whale and fin whale are seen in the area.

The proximity to the Disko Bay and the protective archipelago makes Aasiaat the perfect starting point for kayaking trips. There is great opportunities to spot whales in the area and there are plenty of icebergs in different shapes and sizes sailing by.

Aasiaat is a vivid and genuine Greenlandic town. It gives the visitor an opportunity to experience a Greenlandic society up close. There are also opportunities to find great handicrafts. There is also a museum worth a visit.

From here our 6 day kayak expedition begins. We will be navigating between islands and icebergs led by a guide that will tailor this expedition regarding to weather and wind. We might stop by at some locals and have a kaffemik. Kaffemik is a Greenlandic happening when you make a short visit and get a coffea and some snacks (that can be stuff you are not used to from home). During the evenings we go ashore and put up our camp on one of the islands. In the long evening light we might do a barbeque and plan the next day route.

A humpback whale comes up and catch the fish he collected.

Below is a film Sven-Erik Jönsson made on his trip in 2014.

Boon travelled with us in 2017
First and foremost I must thank you and Gronlandsresor for helping me to organize and booked the arrangements, I have to say that it is by far the most amazing trip of my life, all the crazy, hectic plans unfolded without problems, one big thanks is to the weather I guess as I did hear the weather can cause cancellation to flights or ferries even when I was there. Luckily all my flights and ferries were ok. And my ferry from Aasiaat to Disko I was the only passenger! haha...

The kayaking expedition is simply mind-blowing, a first in my opinion, and Nikolaj is a friendly and attentive guide and the things we saw, the food, the weather, the sea, iceberg and whales, nothing we can get in any part of the world except in Greenland. The Swedish team members have been lovely too.

All in all the trip has left a very deep impression in me and I would definitely recommend my friends to save up and go if they want an enriching breath-taking Artic experience.

Take care and best regards,


 Travel dates (4230)
July 21 - 28
July 28 - August 4 Fully booked!

Min / max participants: 6 / 10

 Price per person: (Euro)
  1500 € (excluding transport to and from Aasiaat)

Single supplement shared fascilities: TBD
Single supplement private fascilities: TBD

Rental equipment (you can bring your own)
Tent: 63 €
Sleeping bag: 63 €
Sleeping mat: 52 €
Dry suit: 135 €

Flights Copenhagen - Kangerlussuaq - Aasiaat: ~1150 €

We can also extend your stay with different activities. EG Camp on the inland ice cap in Kangerlussuaq, Air Zafari, Visiting the iceberg town Ilulissat, and more.

 Price includes
  • Use of kayak Prijon Seayak or similar with rudder. There is also one double kayak K2 Prijon Excursion.
• Use of paddle and skirt
• Use of life jacket
• All kayaks are equipped with:
  Spare paddle, safety line for paddle, toll line, small repair kit, pump.
• The group are equipped with:
  1 satellite phone for emergency, 1 gun, 1 GPS
• Full board during the kayak expedition
• 2 nights at guesthouse in Aasiaat incl breakfast
• 2 dinners in Aasiaat (excluding drinks)
• Guide during the kayak expedition
 Price do not include
  • Transport to Aasiaat and back (we can assist you with this)
• Meals outside the expeditions except 2 dinners and 2 breakfast.
• Entré to museums and similar.
• Tent (can be rented for 63 €), sleeping bag (63 €), sleeping mat (52 €), use of dry suite (can be rented for 135 €)
• Travel insurance. Travel insurance is mandatory. We do not cover cost of missing flights caused by delayed expedition caused by weather or other circumstances outside our controll

To book the tour or to contact us for any queries, just send us an email at
or give us a call at +46-8-55626970

This is a general plan and the program might change depending weather and other circomstances. Flexibility is a key to a successful expedition!

Day 1:
Arrival to Aasiaat, check-in at the hotel. We start with a short briefing and then we together do and buy the supply for the expedition. Later we will have a dinner together where we inform more in detail of what we will expect during the expedition and get to know each other. The route we will take will be depending weather and wind and where the whales are.

Day 2-7:
We start the expedition from the hotel Seamens Home in Aasiaat. The location is just perfect to start from when it is in a protected bay.

During the expedition we can expect to see different species of whales, seals and other animals.

The sledge dogs in Greenland have vacation during the summer and then they can, as the dogs in the picture, let lose on an desert island.

A fin whale

Ice bergs comes in different shapes and sizes

Large icebergs and two humpback whales

A humpback whale diving

If you look closely you also can notice the humpback whale diving in front of the iceberg.

A humpback whale swims by.

The whales sometimes get really close ashore so do not need to paddle far to spot them.

When we get back to Aasiaat we will check in to the hotel and get a nice well deserved warm shower. We will have last dinner together and talk about everything we have been experienced during the week before we go to bed.

Day 8:
Breakfast at the hotel and heading home. By boat to Ilulissat for those who booked the additional Ilulissat package. More info about that to come.

Terms & conditions
Read the T&C here


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Klick below to see more pictures
Pictures from 2014
Pictures from 2015

Icebergs in different shapes

An humpback wahle dives at an iceberg